Fire Escape Service, Maintenance And Repairs In Washington, D. C.

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East Coast Fire Escapes is your source for fire escape repairs, inspections and maintenance in Washington, D. C., and around Silver Spring, Bethesda, Arlington, Annandale, Alexandria and Hyattsville. Call us today if you manage or own a building with a fire escape, in any of these service areas, including the following area codes: 202, 301, 703 and are in need of fire escape repairs, service and maintenance.

With licensed and highly specialized contractors, we can get your fire escape system ready before your Washington, D. C., city and/or Fire Department inspections, and avoid costly time delays and reinspections.

Fire escapes when properly maintained should last as long as the building itself. Like any exterior component, a fire escape is exposed to the nature’s elements, and because it is typically made of metal, it’s subject to rust and deterioration.

East Coast Fire Escapes repairs and maintains all types of fire escape structures, including:

  • Ladder repair (counter-balanced, hydraulic, torque and sliders)
  • Staircase cantilevers repair and re-balanced
  • Accidental hits
  • Scrape and painting (all sizes)
  • Violations removal
  • Fire escapes yearly maintenance plans
  • Load Test

Fire escape services and repairs are our specialty. Repairs are routinely needed to ensure that your fire escape is functional. Sometimes stairs and brackets must be repaired or painted. Because proper repair is necessary for certification, we always ensure that your fire escape is repaired correctly and safely.

With yearly service a fire escape structrure can last more than 20 years and possibly save lives. Without proper service they won’t work, causing a dangerous situation. Furthermore, most insurance companies require yearly service of the insured building’s safety equipment as also suggested by the technicians themselves.


We will remove loose paint and carefully prime all bear mental before painting. Properly preparing a surface for paint and using the best quality paints and materials not only ensure a better end result, but also can help extend the longevity of your paint job.

Steps before painting a fire escape:

  1. Scrape existing rust and flaking paint off the fire escape.
  2. Hand wire brush entire system.
  3. Apply a coat of primer to the fire escape using a paintbrush.
  4. Allow the primer to dry.
  5. We re-pack any loose cement in any areas where connections meet the cement wall.
  6. Hand paint all treads, rails.
  7. Apply a coat of exterior paint to the fire escape.
  8. Allow the paint to dry.

We stand behind our name with excellence and reliability.

Why use Us?

Certifying fire escapes with a focus on your safety in the event of an emergency.

East Coast Fire Escapes is one of the Eastern Seaboard’s leading fire escape companies that can take care of all your fire escape needs. Whether you have received a violation from the city or just want to make sure your fire escape is safe, East Coast Fire Escapes is ready to help make a complicated process easy and affordable. Our team is knowledgeable and has over ten years’ experience working in the industry. Our goal is to keep every fire escape in safe working order and to assist building and homeowners through the process of repairing and maintaining their fire escapes.

Contact us today or call us (551) 697-8643 to schedule a repair or scrape and paint quote. Estimates are always FREE.