East Coast Fire Escapes - Repairs and maintenance.

Inspecting, servicing and maintaining fire escape systems throughout the East Coast.


Fire escapes when properly maintained should last as long as the building itself. Like any exterior component, a fire escape is exposed to the nature’s elements, and because it is typically made of metal, it’s subject to rust and deterioration.

East Coast Fire Escapes repairs and maintains all types of fire escape structures, including:

  • Ladder repair (counter-balanced, hydraulic, torque and sliders)
  • Staircase cantilevers repair and re-balanced
  • Accidental hits
  • Scrape and painting (all sizes)
  • Violations removal
  • Fire escapes yearly maintenance plans
  • Load Test



East Coast Fire Escapes (551) 697-8643 is your source for fire escape repairs, inspection and maintenance in MA, CT, NY, NJ, PA, MD and Washington D.C. and other metropolitan areas throughout the East Coast. Contact us today or call (551) 697-8643 for additional information or to request an assessment of your fire escape structure.

East Coast Fire Escapes provides the highest quality, professional fire escape services, repairs and maintenance throughout the major metropolitan areas in the East Coast.