The History Of Fire Escapes

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Before the classic steel staircases and balconies of the modern fire escape, there were all sorts of ideas and contraptions for escaping a building during a fire, he first device to be known as a fire escape was invented by Daniel Maseres in early 18th century England. In 1784, Maseres created a machine that was connected to a window and would enable anyone to safely descend to the street below. More than one hundred years later a writer, hairdresser, and portrait painter named Abraham Wivell turned his attention to fire prevention and protection, creating the “Royal Society for the Protection of Life from Fire”. He realized that the fire brigades at the time were more concerned with protecting property than protecting human lives. Wivell designed a portable fire escape system that could by brought to buildings on a wheeled chariot and a fly ladder was raised into position with ropes. Once in place, people fleeing the building would pass through the canvas chute to the street below. his designed allowed a large number of people to quickly be brought to safety. Cities all over England adopted fire escapes based on Wivell’s design. All modern fire escapes can trace their history back to these few designs, including yours. East Coast Fire Escapes is dedicated to making sure that your fire escape can last decades into the future. Whether you need your fire escape inspected, repaired, or scraped and painted, call them today.

– Jane ennant

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Certifying fire escapes with a focus on your safety in the event of an emergency.

East Coast Fire Escapes is one of the Eastern Seaboard’s leading fire escape companies that can take care of all your fire escape needs. Whether you have received a violation from the city or just want to make sure your fire escape is safe, East Coast Fire Escapes is ready to help make a complicated process easy and affordable. Our team is knowledgeable and has over ten years’ experience working in the industry. Our goal is to keep every fire escape in safe working order and to assist building and homeowners through the process of repairing and maintaining their fire escapes.

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